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March Events & Specials at The Vitality Doctor: TempSure Envi RF skin tightening and wrinkle reduction treatments, TempSure Vitalia vaginal rejuvenation, B-shots for weight loss, B-combo shots, IV Myers Cocktail, Restylane filler, and FREE 15 Vitality phone session for new clients!

Feeling Lucky? We also have a Shamrock special going on at The Vitality Doctor for deeper discounts. Patients can pull a shamrock out of the basket to receive extra savings on their treatment! 

Details on these Specials below.

Free 15 minute Vitality Strategy phone session for new patients ($175 value).

During the Vitality Strategy session, you will discover:
1. Clarity on where you desire to be
2. Discover any obstacles that are blocking you
3. Clarity on what you need to do
4. Develop easy action steps to help you reach your health outcomes
5. Leave session with a clear plan and inspiration of what is possible for you

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