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Fatigue Programs

Fatigue affects many people on a daily basis. Fatigue can affect one’s ability to concentrate, increase depression or lowered mood and immune system. Having low energy can affect your overall vitality and zest for life!

With your individualized fatigue program, Dr. Christina Kovalik will uncover the cause of your lowered energy levels by looking at individualized testing of hormones, adrenals and food allergies. Blood tests, salivary adrenal test and hair analysis can show how the minerals and underlying imbalances are affecting all endocrine and body systems. The hair analysis can also address any heavy metal/ mineral toxicity which may be a cause of fatigue. B-vitamin shots can push cells toward energy generation, maintenance, and storage.

Call to schedule a FREE 15 Minute Consult to discuss the customized vitality program that will analyze your body systems, environmental exposures and imbalances to discover the true cause of fatigue. The Vitality plan will provide an individualized plan for treatment to reduce fatigue in your daily life and optimize your health and vitality!

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