What does your skin say about your health?  
Skin signs and symptoms of imbalance. skin
Your skin is your largest organ.  Skin cancer is very prevalent in AZ. It is important to evaluate your skin markings to see if any moles/ freckles have changed or any new lesions have appeared.
The basics for skin health is ABCDE’s of evaluating the skin lesion.
Melanoma is the most common form of skin cancer.  
A- Asymmetry-
Look at the borders. Are they symmetrical or irregular?B- Borders-
Are the borders even or irregularly notched?
C- Color- Variety of colors is a warning signal- A variety of browns, tan, black could be abnormal. If blue, red, black or bleeding could indicate melanoma
D- Diameter- Anything larger than 1/4″ could be associated with melanoma (if it has any of the other qualities- irregular border,
E- Evolving– Any mole that is growing or change in elevation, borders, colors, itching, crusting, bleeding etc. may be a red flag.
Other Common skin issues that have Nutritional treatments are:
Skin tags
glucose intolerance or insulin sensitivities. 
Cherry angiomas- red small mole like lesions. Associated with
hormone imbalance, bromide toxicity (found in some antidepressants, gatorade, and some breads)  or low iodine.
Acne- Commonly associated with food allergies, hormone imbalance, liver congestion, low Vitamin A/ Beta-carotene, EFA’s (Essential Fatty acids), Vitamin C and Zinc 
Bruising– Common in blood clotting problems, adrenal insufficiency, low Vitamin C, Zinc, Beta-carotene  
Follicular hyperkeratosis– excessive keratin development in hair follicles on the back of the thighs, arms and cheeks. They look like small pimples without the redness or pustules-
Deficiency in Omega 3, Zinc, Beta-carotene.
Eczema/ Psoriasis- Linked to
food allergies or possibly blood sugar imbalance- Deficiency  in EFA’s ( Essential Fatty Acids- Omega3)
allergy, liver congestion, thyroid imbalance  
Dry Skin- l
ow water intake, thyroid problems, Deficiency in EFA’s.
Excess Ear Wax build up
Low EFA’s
Take time to review your skin and have it checked by Dr. Kovalik or another practitioner.
Skin cancer is very treatable and preventable.
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