Are you an Emotional Eater?

Emotional Eating Can Hinder your weight loss and life. 

Did you know that many people are emotionally eating to fill a conscious or unconscious level of running away from their feelings? They may be seeking an unfufilled need that hasn’t been met, insecurities, lack of confidence, and safety/comfort in eating certian foods that make them feel better in the short term. This need feeds a viscous cycle of self degrading, lack of motivation and multilayered emotions that hinder the weight loss process. Some people aren’t even aware of why they eat a certain way or take time to connect with their bodies.
It is essential to identify the energetic blocks, kick up metabolism, learn new healthy behaviors/ habits, recondition the neural patterns to peel away the patterns that are no longer serving you. Creating new empowering thoughts, actions and lifestyle changes are necessary for a successful weight loss program. Holding yourself accountable and being held responsible for your actions. Commit to changing your life, improving your quality of life, and maintaining a healthy, youthful you.
Questions to Ask Yourself when you are emotionally eating:
1. Am I really hungry? Try drinking more water or increase fiber (2tbsp of flax seed freshly ground can make you feel more full). A cup of peppermint tea can decrease sweet cravings.
2. What am I lacking in my life? What need isn’t being met in my life, my business or health?
Acupuncture, bach flower, homeopathic remedies and diet implementations can help curb cravings, balance the emotions of weight loss and kick up your metabolism. Life Coaching or business coaching may also help you get out of your own way.
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