The Importance of Wellness to reduce Stress


The Importance of Wellness to Reduce Stress In times of stress, many people decide to ignore themselves. Over time if you experience certain symptoms that you think might just go away, it is your body's way of getting your attention that something is out of balance. Even if you are feeling pretty good, it is

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Flu Vaccine Myths and Facts


Flu Vaccine Myths and Facts The Swine Flu and Influenza vaccine is safe. Truth: The Swine Flu vaccine went through human trials last year as an experiement and didn't offer much protection.The trials vaccinated infants, children and pregnant women first. It was and continues to be a human experiment. The flu vaccine has been shown to be

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Wet Sock treatment to Boost Immunity


WET SOCK TREATMENT Do you know that the WET SOCK treatment is a hydrotherapy technique used to boost the immune system, reduce a fever or symptoms of a cold/flu and can boost energy? 1. Get a thin pair of socks, wet with cool water 2. Wring out the socks as much as possible, then place

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Attitude of Gratitude


Attitude of Gratitude This season is a great time to celebrate and give gratitude to all people. It is especially important to take time daily to truly feel gratitude, thankfulness and appreciation for all things, people and experiences in your life. A great exercise that I often share with my patients, is at the beginning

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