The Importance of Wellness to Reduce Stress
In times of stress, many people decide to ignore themselves. Over time if you experience certain symptoms that you think might just go away, it is your body’s way of getting your attention that something is out of balance. Even if you are feeling pretty good, it is important to get regular tune-ups to keep you in balance. This regular maintanence will allow your body to bounce back more quickly if you do experience a symptom that may throw you off balance like allergies, cold, flu, digestive upset, stress, anxiety, etc.

When you are more receptive and aware that the signals that your body is giving is an indication that you need to slow down and take time out for yourself, you will be living a more balanced life. This is called body awareness.

This increased awareness will also bring more awareness of others actionsand reactions presenting more opportunities to better communicate because you may see what is not being said.

Get regular tune-ups, do things that make your heart and soul expand and celebrate your wellness.