stressDid you know that a hair analysis can reveal many mineral imbalances and toxic metals in the body that may be causing headaches, depression, fatigue, hypertension, arthritis, allergies, hair loss, thyroid, hormone imbalances, rashes/acne, digestive, mental and cardiovascular disorders?

It is a very cost effective way to look at the mineral balances that are affecting the body systems- adrenal function, thyroid, pancreas, protein balance and more.
By correcting the minerals that are deficient and chelating the toxic metals, many people’s symptoms improve or go away. It is a great test that can be repeated every 3 months if needed.
This test offers a picture of what your internal mineral balance that is affecting your overall health.
Dr. Kovalik is offering a special $100 Hair Analysis evaluation with complete booklet explaining your personal mineral analysis. Normally $120.