Springtime is the perfect time to focus on cleansing. It is important to cleanse at least 2 times per year to optimize liver function and a healthy lifestyle. We are surrounded by environmental toxins from the air, water, foods and emotional toxins that bombard our systems every day. Learn ways to reduce the toxic load by avoiding the toxins and learning ways to decrease stress on the body naturally.
Take a look at the signs of an overloaded liver, foods to benefit detox.
Are you feeling a little toxic?
sneezeExperiencing signs of Liver Congestion?

Allergies, Joint pains, Headaches, Skin rashes, acne, fatigue, hormone imbalance, anxiety, depression, digestive issues, hypertention, hyperlipidema, yeast issues, overuse of birth control pills or other medications can cause congestion in the liver resulting in a sluggishness of the body systems.
Emotional and environmental stresses affects the body as well. It is important to monitor your thoughts and emotions because they can build up toxins in the body energetically and physicially.
It is important to choose the right detoxification program. Not all detox programs are alike. If you have never done a detox before, it is essential to be monitored in case you experience unwanted side effects due to detoxifying too quickly.
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Foods to Improve Your Liver Function

“Eat your Greens and Beets too”
Your mother may have told you to eat your vegetables as a child, many adults do not eat enough green vegetables (4-6 servings per day).

Mustard, dandelion, kale, collard greens are very good for the liver. They not only are packed full of essential nutrients like beta-carotene, zinc, vitamin C, Magnesium, and Calcium, they purify and alkalize the body.
Beets purify the liver and helps to build blood. It also increases glutathione, a powerful antioxidant in the liver that is necessary for detoxification.
Lemon water upon rising helps to stimulate the digestion and alkalizes the body. A 1/2-1 squeezed lemon in water supports the liver energetically by it’s sour taste.
Milk thistle seeds/root in a herbal blend or tincture can be very beneficial for it’s restorative, antioxidant effect on the liver. It benefits the skin, liver, blood and improves digestion. The seeds can be spread on a salad.
EAT Organic Fruits and Vegetables as much as possible- especially the top 10 toxic fruits and veggies that are sprayed with pesticides like peaches, celery, strawberries, apples, peppers, lettuce, grapes, spinach, carrots and raspberries.

Contact Dr. Kovalik TODAY for more info on a customized Detox Plan. 602-434-7922