Spring is in the air!! Everything is blooming and the pollen content is high. Are Allergies bringing you down? Many people may be suffering this time of year. Know that there are many options to boost your immune system, eliminate allergic foods, pollens and unwanted affects of allergies. Herbs, nutrition, acupuncture and homeopathics specific for the southwest region can benefit.

Got Food Allergies?
sneezeSymptoms of Food Allergy Sensitivity

GI upset- diarrhea or loose stools, Headaches, Allergies, Sinus problems, anxiety, depression, irritability, nervousness, mind fog, skin rashes, Joint pains, asthma, cough, palpitations, insomnia and more….
The most common offending foods are wheat, dairy, corn, soy, tomatoes, peanuts, eggs, sugar, citrus and chocolate.

Curious to see what foods you are sensitive to? Saliva and blood tests are available.
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Natural Remedies for Allergies
Allergy remedies Now Available.Nettles– tea or tincture may help decrease affects of mast cells releasing histamine causing allergy symptoms.Southwest Botanical homeopathic remedy– specific for AZ desert trees, pollens, and plants.

Quercitin– derived from Vitamin C bioflavinoids- acts to minimize mast cells from releasing histamine.

Herbal blends-

Aller-Sin tabs, Flucomune, Sinupret, Nasal tabs.

Acupuncture- Boosts immune system, balances what is out of balance, helps relieve sinus pressure and drainage.

Eliminating Food sensitivities and environmental allergies