Understanding how to protect one from influenza viruses is the first step towards prevention. There are many strains of viruses that can be encountered in any one season, and many of the strains despite the publicity they receive turn out to be very mild. One aspect of getting sick vs. not getting sick has to do with the body’s ability to build antibodies when exposed to any type of virus. When exposed to viruses such as measles, mumps, chickenpox or hepatitis A the body builds antibodies naturally and protection is established, usually for life. Obviously it is impossible to build antibodies to every strain of influenza but there are preventative medicines and therapies which help the body build those antibodies quickly when exposed to different strains of influenza viruses.

Don’t allow FEAR to set in. We all know that the media elevates fear in mass quantities regarding the cold and flu season.  Know that most deaths from the flu occur in people who have an overall weakened constitution. Fear, being a negative emotion, creates dense energy in the body that may actually create illness and disease. So if you are consistently in living in fear of getting the flu, you may just create what you fear. It is important to evaluate your thoughts and your energy surrounding your health and wellness.

Have any experiences where your thoughts have created an illness? Do you allow fear to take over?

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