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7 Tips to Improve Vaginal and Urinary Health


Many women suffer from vaginal dryness, irritation of the bladder or vagina, or incontinence issues (when you cough, sneeze or laugh). Vaginal dryness can happen naturally in women right after the menstrual period and more commonly during perimenopause or menopause. It is due often to the decrease in estrogen levels. The dryness can make intercourse

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What does your Hair say about your overall health?


A hair mineral analysis is the best way to test the mineral content in the body systems affecting the blood sugar/ pancreas, thyroid/ metabolism, adrenal/ immune function, female/male hormones, nervous and cardiovascular system and emotions. Often times the hair analysis can show imbalances before changes are revealed in a blood test. Conditions that can be

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Are the drugs that you are taking making you sick?


Many Americans are over medicated. Often medications are taken to decrease the side effects of another medication. Mean while, the pharmacy that you are prescribed may be making you more sick! Nutrient deficiencies are very common with certain medications. Here is a short list of the most commonly prescribed medications: 1. Metformin/ Glucose managing medications-

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Exciting News of Partnership For Nutritional Health Coaching


I am excited to add nutritional health coaching to my practice to improve the results for patients who desire long lasting habit changes or nutritional guidance to promote optimal health. To learn more www.nuuria.com and watch a recent video of Dr. Kovalik and Owner Dietitian Maya Nahra, RD discussing our partnership and how we became

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Got Mind Fog? 7 Simple Steps to Improve Mental Clarity


Do you have trouble with thinking clearly, focusing or recall? Some causes may be overwhelm due to stress, lack of sleep, not enough exercise, hormone imbalance or food allergies. It is important to get your thyroid, female or male hormones tested. Lack of focus could be caused by thyroid, adrenal, neurotransmitter or testosterone deficiency. Below

Got Mind Fog? 7 Simple Steps to Improve Mental Clarity2018-04-05T08:20:16+00:00



I often get the question by many patients, "Does the flu shot work?" My answer is "How can a predicted flu vaccine cover the influenza virus that continually mutates?" It does not protect you from getting the flu. In fact, some people actually get sick from the vaccine. If you are concerned with ways to


Benefits of Hair Analysis


Did you know that a hair mineral analysis can often detect mineral imbalances sooner than any blood abnormalities?  It can be useful in managing hormone imbalances of the thyroid, adrenals, female and male hormones, blood sugar/pancreas, lowered immunity, digestive function and may detect toxic minerals like aluminum, arsenic, and mercury. It is helpful in

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