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Benefits of Hair Analysis


Did you know that a hair mineral analysis can often detect mineral imbalances sooner than any blood abnormalities?  It can be useful in managing hormone imbalances of the thyroid, adrenals, female and male hormones, blood sugar/pancreas, lowered immunity, digestive function and may detect toxic minerals like aluminum, arsenic, and mercury. It is helpful in

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Avoid Holiday Weight Gain in 6 Steps


Avoid Holiday Weight Gain in 6 Steps Tired of gaining 5-10 pounds over the holidays? Be proactive and follow the steps below to help you maintain or lose weight over the holidays. 1. Do a 3-7 day cleanse using fresh juices, whey protein, veggies, green tea, and herbal liver support. You can do this for

Avoid Holiday Weight Gain in 6 Steps2013-12-11T14:22:25+00:00

Iodine Has Been Shown To Kill / Dissolve Cancer


IODINE HAS BEEN SHOWN TO KILL/ DISSOLVE CANCER    IODINE Theraputics:  Anticancer, antibacterial, antiviral, alkalizing, antiparasitic, mucolytic and detoxing agent. So Why aren't people taking iodine?IODINE is an essential nutrient that is severely lacking in the SAD-diet (Standard American Diet) and not enough is added to table salt. The RDA is also very low and most people

Iodine Has Been Shown To Kill / Dissolve Cancer2021-08-06T23:29:00+00:00

Skin Health: What does your skin say about you?


What does your skin say about your health?     Skin signs and symptoms of imbalance.    Your skin is your largest organ.  Skin cancer is very prevalent in AZ. It is important to evaluate your skin markings to see if any moles/ freckles have changed or any new lesions have appeared. The basics for

Skin Health: What does your skin say about you?2013-07-23T14:39:01+00:00

April Specials and Upcoming Events


Get Spring Ready with Facial Rejuvenation. All Dermal Fillers- Restylane or Perlane $350/syringe to fill moderate lines around the mouth, nose and deeper brow lines (Save $150)Dysport $3.50/unit normally $5/ unit $50 Half-hour ACUPUNCTURE DAYS Thursdays April 11th and 25th Saturdays April 6th and 20th Spaces Fill up fast! Book now online or Call 602-434-7922

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What do your nails say about your health?


Did you know that your nails tell a story?   Color White lines : heart disease, arsenic poisoning, liver disease White spots: Thyroid problems, zinc deficiency, calcium deficiency, hydrochloric acid deficiency, fatigue Yellow, opaque or clouded: candida systemic, diabetes, lymphatic problems, poor circulation, vitamin E deficiency White (pale, without luster): anemia, general mineral deficiency, kidney

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Thermography vs. Mammogram


  There has been some media attention about thermography vs mammogram. The standard of care in the western model is that every women should have a baseline mammogram at age 35 and definitely by 40 years old. Then have yearly mammograms after that. Some women may be required to get an ultrasound with a mammogram

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What Makes Your Heart Happy?


What makes your heart happy? Some people have a hard time knowing what they are passionate about, what makes them happy, or what their heart desires.  When you feel anxiety, sadness or frustration this is often a sign that you are out of balance or not living the life that your desire to live. Take

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Weight Loss Tips/ Improve Energy/ Customized Programs


Weight Loss Tips/ Improve Energy/ Customized Programs Many People desire to lose weight at the new year. There are a few simple things you can do to make your weight loss program more successful. 1. Hold yourself accountable and be consistent with portions, exercise and frequency of small meals/snacks2. Make healthy choices. eat fresh veggies,

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Low Body Temp = Slow Metabolism


Did you know that a low body temperature is associated with a slow metabolism? Many people have a low body temp (below 98.6) that inhibits the body's ability to make and utilize key enzymes for metabolic health. About 3% people have Hypothyroidism, 30-40% have low body temp. Just because your thyroid blood tests are normal, may not necessarily

Low Body Temp = Slow Metabolism2012-10-15T10:57:55+00:00
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