little-boyDid you know that a hair mineral analysis can often detect mineral imbalances sooner than any blood abnormalities? 

It can be useful in managing hormone imbalances of the thyroid, adrenals, female and male hormones, blood sugar/pancreas, lowered immunity, digestive function and may detect toxic minerals like aluminum, arsenic, and mercury.
It is helpful in understanding your metabolic rate, nervous system, and glandular systems. The hair sample is a great way to see how the minerals are affecting you at the cellular level because it is a safe, painless way to test your organs. With proper supplementation and dietary changes, the hair mineral analysis is a great tool in treating the root cause of imbalance naturally often before any changes are seen in a blood test.
If you are feeling anxious, stressed, low energy, trouble with weight loss, hair loss, have migraines, insomnia or feel out of balance, the Hair analysis may be a great place to start.

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