I am excited to add nutritional health coaching to my practice to improve the results for patients who desire long lasting habit changes or nutritional guidance to promote optimal health.

To learn more www.nuuria.com and watch a recent video of Dr. Kovalik and Owner Dietitian Maya Nahra, RD discussing our partnership and how we became passionate about what we do.


Has your doctor instructed you to make dietary changes and you would like help implementing them?
Not sure how to ‘go paleo’ or remove dairy or gluten without giving up everything you know and love?

That’s what Nuuaria’s basic health coaching is for.

Book your session with our registered dietitian health coaches – also certified in Habit and Behavior Change(TM) – who will help make your necessary dietary changes easy and save you time from trying to figure it out on your own. In between visits with your physician? We’re here to support you too. There’s no need to make changes alone, we’re here to help. Sessions are 45 minutes in length and can be done both in office, via telephone or telehealth.

Nuuaria is a health coaching company, dedicated to ending habit-driven disease through their proprietary Habit and Behavior Change™ methodology.

We will be offering a KICK OFF SALE on single session $139 normally $169 and 3 session packages $367 normally $447. AVAILABLE APRIL 1st thru Dr. Kovalik!

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ALL of Dr. Kovalik’s Patients can receive a FREE 15 Minute phone consultation with a Nuuaria Nutritionist : (480) 481-6697 or email Hello@Nuuaria.com

Are you ready to boost your vitality and optimize your health?
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