Infertility and Acupuncture Treatment


Infertility affects 10% of couples trying to conceive in the US. Infertility is defined in western medical terms as a couple unable to conceive after 1 year of trying. For many people that can feel like the longest year ever. Fortunately, there are many things the couple can do to increase the chances of conception

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Acupuncture During Pregnancy


Did you know that acupuncture is safe throughout pregnancy? Acupuncture increases natural endorphins to allow you to have a greater sense of well being. It helps to balance energetically what is out of balance. It helps reduce stress by balancing emotions and hormones. During Pregnancy, it is very useful in treating common symptoms of each trimester

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Weight Loss Program- Emotional Eating


Are you an Emotional Eater? Emotional Eating Can Hinder your weight loss and life.  Did you know that many people are emotionally eating to fill a conscious or unconscious level of running away from their feelings? They may be seeking an unfufilled need that hasn't been met, insecurities, lack of confidence, and safety/comfort in eating certian foods that

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