Do you have trouble with thinking clearly, focusing or recall? Some causes may be overwhelm due to stress, lack of sleep, not enough exercise, hormone imbalance or food allergies. It is important to get your thyroid, female or male hormones tested. Lack of focus could be caused by thyroid, adrenal, neurotransmitter or testosterone deficiency. Below are some tips to clear the fog.

  1. BRAIN DUMP– When you are overwhelmed, it can be helpful to have a brain dump session to write out all worries and to-do’s. Then prioritize them by choosing the top 3 to focus on completing in a day, week and month. Setting outcomes can help you stay on task and eliminate overwhelm.
  2. TAKE TIME TO BE IN NATURE– If you find yourself too consumed by work and lack focus, take a 5-20 minute walk outside focusing on the warmth of the sun. the birds chirping and the way the earth feels. Walking bare foot in the grass helps to ground you and lifts the fog.
  3. FOCUS ON WHAT YOU EAT, AND  QUALITY of SLEEP– If you are feeling mind fog after a meal. What did you eat? Eating an organic whole foods diet free of processed foods and hormones can limit the mind fog. Drink less alcohol and coffee and more water and tea.  HOW ARE YOU SLEEPING? Make sure that you are getting enough quality sleep.
  4. FOCUS ON MOVEMENT– Exercise regularly 3-5 times per week, more often than not, for 20 minutes to reach cardiovascular and overall health benefits. DO A QIGONG exercise for mental clarity- Focus on inhaling for count of 8 and exhaling for a count of 16 while tapping the forehead, top of head and temples with all fingers lightly. DO this cycle for 2-5 minutes and see how relaxed and focused you feel after.
  5. GRAB ROSEMARY OR PEPPERMINT– Inhale the essential oil or rub a sprig of fresh rosemary or peppermint to increase focus and clarity.
  6. GOT STRESS?– Regular meditation, yoga, acupuncture, message and journaling have been shown to reduce stress. Acupuncture releases natural endorphins to enhance your overall well being and regulate hormones
  7. GET YOUR LABS TESTED– Mind fog may be a symptom of hormone imbalance, Neurotransmitter problems, adrenal issues or food allergies.

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