As we prepare for springtime, it is a perfect time to decrease weight, cleanse the body, mind and spirit of what we no longer require. It is essential to focus on health as a top priority. Take time daily to scan the body of any undesired emotions, thoughts, or behaviors that may be toxic to your health. Acknowledge the steps required to reach your health outcomes naturally.


Everyday we are bombarded by environmental toxins in the air we breathe, the foods that we eat and drink and the body’s own ability to eliminate toxins. If you are not feeling well, have allergies, fatigue, anxiety, depression, menstrual irregularities, joint pains, rashes/ acne, constipation, irregular bowels, frequent colds, palpitations or insomnia, a liver cleanse may be the ticket towards better health.

Toxins can build up in the body causing liver congestion that can affect the digestion, and may result in IBS, acid reflux, constipation, etc.

A congested liver can also affect hormone production and create imbalances resulting in unwanted weight gain.


I often recommend liver cleansing 2- 3 times per year. It is important that if you have never done a liver cleanse, that you are monitored by a physician. Some people may detoxify too quickly resulting in Headaches, body aches or flu like symptoms. Some patients may be deficient in the antioxidants that are essential in detoxification and may require appropriate supplementation to enhance the detoxification process with minimal side effects.


1. Drink Lemon water daily- half a lemon squeezed in water first thing in the morning helps to stimulate digestion and alkalizes the body

2. Eat your Greens- Kale, Mustard, dandelion greens are packed full of vitamins to enhance detox and support the bitter flavor that supports the liver energy

3. Beets- raw or lightly steamed can increase glutathione in the body to aid in detoxification.

4. Milk thistle seeds on salad or capsules taken daily increase antioxidants and help to repair the liver cells.

5. Castor oil pack over the liver- helps improve the lymphatics of the abdomen and reduce inflammation.

6. Exercise regularly- Yoga, meditation and exercise increase the natural endorphins (seratonin) to improve mood and overall health.