This is the time of year many of us enjoy the warmer weather before we hit the hot season, but it brings with it hay fever and allergies to the many caused by plants in the Phoenix area. We watch the weather listening to the pollen count hoping for some relief in the count.

The count includes tress, grasses, and flowers are the culprits. Here we go around the mulberry bush was a great childhood nursery rhyme, but mulberry and poplar tree are heavy producers of pollinators and creates strong allergy reactions in the Phoenix area. These are two of just many pollinators that create a miserable spring for allergy sufferers.

Allergies cause red itchy eyes, runny nose, sneezing, wheezing, and other symptoms.  There are many solutions and articles that will provide information about how to survive allergy symptoms. You can scan the allergy aisle in your local pharmacy for a variety of traditional medicines to assist with symptoms, but many are turning to more natural ways to treat allergies.

“Using nature-based products can be a very useful way to handle mild allergies and a useful adjunct for more significant allergies, and there are many types of treatments you can safely try,” says Mary Hardy, MD, director of integrative medicine at Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. Dr. Christina Kovalik treats allergies with acupuncture and Chinese medicine. She has taken years to master the art of treating her patients with alternatives to medicines that cause other side effects that can impair sleeping and ability to be productive during the day. Please feel free to contact your local naturopath or Dr. Christina Kovalik regarding natural treatment for your allergies.