Homeopathic Immunizations are an alternative to traditional vaccines and have been shown to be 90% effective without any undesired side effects.” Dr. Isaac Golden

There are many parents who struggle and research whether or not to immunize their child. The decision is very individual, especially when conventional medical professionals and state/national health control centers are promoting it. Based on the conventional schedule, the baby, on its birthday receives a vaccine for Hepatitis B. At birth the baby’s immune system is not fully developed and often relies upon the mother’s milk for immunity. So why compromise its immune system from the beginning? Traditional vaccines bypass the body’s protective skin barrier when administered by injection. The natural progression of most childhood diseases, enter via the oral/nasal mucosa; homeopathics also follow this route.

It is important for parents to know that they do have options. Parents may choose to use conventional immunizations on the schedule suggested by the CDC, or on a delayed schedule. They may opt to vaccinate for specific diseases, use natural medicine and homeopathics to build immunity or a combination of the two. Some choose to not vaccinate at all relying on heard immunity (The theory that if most children are immunized, it offers protection to the non-immunized). Know that no method is 100% effective. If you choose to not vaccinate at all, it is important to recognize that homeopathy and natural medicine offers a safe alternative without any harmful side effects that traditional vaccines may produce.

There are various unique homeopathic protocals that have been shown to increase immunity to childhood diseases. I use the homeopathic schedule by Dr. Isaac Golden who is an Australian Naturopath that has done extensive research on Vaccination and Homeoprophylaxis. It consists of 10 remedies for whooping cough, diphtheria, measles, polio, tetanus, meningitis, pneumococcal, Hib, influenza, and chicken pox that have been shown to be 90% effective. The homeopathic schedule usually starts at the first month of life, and continues until age 6-9. This schedule can be started at any age, but the current research was shown to be most effective at the proposed schedule.

It is important to make an informed decision, weighing the pros and cons and understanding that you do have options. Natural medicine and homeopathy can support the child who undergoes the typical vaccine regimen. It can stand alone as a more supportive, immunologically sound preventative treatment.

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