Did you know that your nails tell a story?  
White lines : heart disease, arsenic poisoning, liver disease
White spots: Thyroid problems, zinc deficiency, calcium deficiency, hydrochloric acid deficiency, fatigue
Yellow, opaque or clouded: candida systemic, diabetes, lymphatic problems, poor circulation, vitamin E deficiency
White (pale, without luster): anemia, general mineral deficiency, kidney or liver problems
Horizontal grooves: low vital force, throat, nerve or gallbladder issues, severe emotional or physical stress
Vertical Grooves (Ridges): Poor nutrient absorption, Vitamin A, calcium or protein deficiency, tendency to develop arthritis
Pitted: tendency to hair loss, psoriasis, vitamin c, folic acid or protein deficiency
Brittle, cracked, chips easily: Low hydrochloric acid, low absorption, protein, calcium, vitamin A or D deficiency,
Beaded on surface: prone to arthritis
Elevated tips: liver disorders, diabetes, lymphatic or respiratory problems
Hangnails: Protein and Zinc deficiency