What makes your heart happy?

Some people have a hard time knowing what they are passionate about, what makes them happy, or what their heart desires.  When you feel anxiety, sadness or frustration this is often a sign that you are out of balance or not living the life that your desire to live. Take time to focus on your heart’s desires by feeling gratitude for the things, people and experiences that you are grateful for. Feeling gratitude and love will expand the heart energy and it takes all the negative emotions out of the picture.
After truly feeling gratitude, ask yourself “What does my heart desire?” and be open to what surfaces.Another exercise that you can do to tap into your passion is to remember a time when you felt the most loved, appreciated, excited, empowered, confident, or a joyful memory or experience. Allow yourself to close your eyes and visualize every detail and emotion that you felt as if you are there now. Allow those feelings to surround you and engulf you. Then ask yourself ” What is your Passion?”  Again without judgement, be open to what surfaces.Then the next step is to take consistent action by identifying the steps necessary to help you reach that desire and following through with the plan to move forward.

Heart Healthy Foods

1. Mediterranean Diet– Research has shown that a diet that includes almonds, fish, wine, fruits, vegetables, and garlic can increase life expectancy and decrease your risk for cardiovascular disease by reducing inflammation.
2. Eat wild fish at least 2 times per week to decrease inflammation and lower risk ratios of cholesterol than statins.  Take an exceptional quality fish oil free of heavy metals and chemicals 2 grams per day.
3. Dark Chocolate– the darker the better for increased antioxidant properties- (Resveratrol and cocoa phenols flavonoids)- 1-2 pieces per day.
4.  Flaxseeds– 1-2tbsp freshly ground releases the omega 3 fatty acids that benefits cholesterol, the skin, brain and heart health.
5. Red wine- 1 glass per day helps increase HDL- good cholesterol. It has some resveratrol in it as well, and  it helps to thin the blood to reduce the risk of clots.