April Specials and Upcoming Events


Get Spring Ready with Facial Rejuvenation. All Dermal Fillers- Restylane or Perlane $350/syringe to fill moderate lines around the mouth, nose and deeper brow lines (Save $150)Dysport $3.50/unit normally $5/ unit $50 Half-hour ACUPUNCTURE DAYS Thursdays April 11th and 25th Saturdays April 6th and 20th Spaces Fill up fast! Book now online or Call 602-434-7922

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What do your nails say about your health?


Did you know that your nails tell a story?   Color White lines : heart disease, arsenic poisoning, liver disease White spots: Thyroid problems, zinc deficiency, calcium deficiency, hydrochloric acid deficiency, fatigue Yellow, opaque or clouded: candida systemic, diabetes, lymphatic problems, poor circulation, vitamin E deficiency White (pale, without luster): anemia, general mineral deficiency, kidney

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Thermography vs. Mammogram


  There has been some media attention about thermography vs mammogram. The standard of care in the western model is that every women should have a baseline mammogram at age 35 and definitely by 40 years old. Then have yearly mammograms after that. Some women may be required to get an ultrasound with a mammogram

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Back To School Health Tips


              This time of year brings adjustments, stresses, and changes to your family. Children will have nerves and excitement as a new school year approaches. This is an important time to make sure you focus on yourself and assist your children understanding how to focus on health and well being. A few guides that

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Benefits of Hydration


Living in the dry hot Sonoran Desert water is essential for all living things. Proper hydration is important for our bodies to operate properly during the hot summer months. Phoenix’s temperatures can remain higher than the 90s from April to October. The most important way to stay hydrated is water. There are some basic guides

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Benefits of Summer Fruit


Seasonal eating is not as easy these days with produce being available year round, but there are benefits to seasonal eating. Summer fruits provide many benefits and advantages to the lifestyle we live in the summer. Antioxidant Blueberries Strawberries Blackberries Nectarines Replenishes body fluids Watermelon Natural Pain Reliever and Anti-inflammatory these will benefit that afternoon

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Infertility and Acupuncture Treatment


Infertility affects 10% of couples trying to conceive in the US. Infertility is defined in western medical terms as a couple unable to conceive after 1 year of trying. For many people that can feel like the longest year ever. Fortunately, there are many things the couple can do to increase the chances of conception

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Springtime Health Tips “Time for Liver Cleansing”


As we prepare for springtime, it is a perfect time to decrease weight, cleanse the body, mind and spirit of what we no longer require. It is essential to focus on health as a top priority. Take time daily to scan the body of any undesired emotions, thoughts, or behaviors that may be toxic to

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HAPPY NEW YEAR ! Move Towards a Healthier New YOU!


Many people overindulge over the holidays. Are you looking for ways to lose that extra weight, kick-start your metabolism or improve your mood/ motivation? This is a perfect time to focus on health as a top priority. There are many things that acupuncture and natural medicine can assist you with your health goals like quitting

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HAPPY HOLIDAYS – Stress Busters & Power of Cranberry


HOLIDAY STRESS BUSTERS  Eat clean for 1-2weeks before the holiday to lessen the burden of allergens on the body. Eat veggies, brown rice, fish, organic chicken, beans, nuts, and fruits. Avoid coffee, alcohol, wheat, dairy and fried or processed foods. 1. Do a Cleanse-Eat clean for 1-2weeks before the holiday to lessen the burden of allergens on

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